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Vauxhall Vivas

'the ex-Mike Newman Vauxhall Viva HB'

BUILT : early 1970s


ENGINE : Vauxhall 4 cylinder 2279cc

RACED BY : Mike Newman ( 1975 )

CURRENTLY : under restoration in Yorkshire

NOTES : Back in the 1970s it wasnt just Gerry Marshall that enjoyed backing by DTV ( Dealer Team Vauxhall ) and Bill Blydenstein-tuned engines. John Pope, Jeff Allam, Chris Sims, Dick Adams, John Elliott and the featured car of Mike Newman all helped to battle the wave of rival Ford Escorts. Blackburn born Newman ran his from the Holden + Hartley dealership from Burnley. Mike raced in 1975 mostly at northern circuits in a very smart HB Viva GT.
Later Mike raced a Ford Capri 3.0 in the BTTC ( 1983-84 ), BMW 635CSi ( 1985-87 ) before joining the Graham Goode Listerine team racing a Sierra RS

( 1988-90 ). Approx 75 BTCC races. 

The car is currently being extensively restored with a back to bare metal respray having arrived scruffy and without an engine. As you can see in the photos in the gallery the HB was still in its 1970s colours. The finished car will be a welcome addition to the existing Vauxhall special saloons still active. 

'the Gerry Marshall replica Vauxhall Viva HB'

BUILT : July 1970

CLASSIFICATION : Road car / Sprint car

ENGINE : Vauxhall 4 cylinder 2279cc


CURRENTLY : alive and well in the south

NOTES : Back in 2014 a recreation to the famous Osram saloon race that was immortalized on the TV in 1970 was staged at Crystal Palace with 4 of the cars. Camaro, Anglia, Escort and in the absence of Gerry Marshall`s Viva this faithful replica was used. 

This example is regarded as probably the best replica of that Viva in the country and work began to make this old 1970 car into what it is oday in 2008. See link for more details. It is road registered and had already competed at Crystal Palace in a sprint there in 2011. She also appeared at the NEC Classic Motor Show in 2016.

'the Gerry Marshall tribute Vauxhall Viva HB'

BUILT : May 1970


ENGINE : Vauxhall 4 cylinder 2279cc


CURRENTLY : alive and well in Mansfield

NOTES : So driving home from work through my local town I spot this car parked at the side of the road and pulled in to make contact with the owner. I immediately recognised it as being the Gerry Marshall tribute car featured in Retro Cars ( May 2009 ). I`ll call it a 'tribute' car not a 'replica' as its not at the same level of detail as the previous car featured. 

It wasnt long til i was barreling along in the passenger seat to a local car show hearing about the car. Amazingly the owner had never heard of Gerry Marshall prior to buying the car ! He just liked the look of it and trailored it home all the way back from Edinburgh. He was soon pleasantly surprised at the response he got from it from enthusiasts and accepted my invite to display at the CSCC meeting at Donington in 2015 parked next to the Mick Hill Beetle and then at Mallory Park too. Further invites being declined 'costs way too much in petrol to take her very far'. 

This credit the owner whilst not yet completing the graphics and detailing did the decent early on and ditched the Ford X-flow it came with for the correct 'slant' 4 engine.

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