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Spaceframe Ford Escorts

Escort Robertson4.jpg
The John Robinson-built , ex-Walter Robertson Ford Escort RS2000 

BUILT : Winter 1976/77 by John Robinson Racing Services of Northampton

CLASSIFICATION : 2500cc class Super Saloon

ENGINE : Ford Cosworth BDG 1975cc ( 1977 )

then BMW M12 4 cylinder 2.0 ( 1978 )

RACED BY : Walter Robertson ( 1977-78 )

CURRENTLY : now in the East Midlands having been sold on Ebay in 2018 after years on the south coast 

NOTES : Rare surviving Robinson chassis Ford and a sister to the 'lost' and successful Nick Whiting version. Frozen meat manufacturer Walter Robertson of Edinburgh bought the car new making its debut March 20 1977 at Croft with Robinson enlarged BDG 2.2 , later with 1975cc BDG. 

For 1978 the car gained one of the new BMW M12 Formula 2 engines and Walter contested a full BRDC Supersaloon season winning the 2500cc class and class runner-up in the BRSCC Rivet Supply with 15 class wins over the season. Fast and reliable the car was sold when Walter bought he famous DFVW with the Ford going into Hillclimbs with Tony Baines ( 1980 ) before retirement from competition. 

It featured in Retro Ford ( 2013 ) and Practical Performance Car Mag ( 2017 ) when then owner of 15-years Dave Manser of Hove said previously 'it dropped off the radar for a while, then a Greek hot rodder owned it fitting a very quick Ford crossflow. Then it changed hands a few times...i stepped in a bought it 16 years ago' ( 2001 ). It was then advertised by CK Classics in Rochdale before the current owner acquired it off Ebay in 2018. The car has been road registered for years and now has a 248 bhp Pinto unit fitted. 

Offered for sale over the winter of 2021/2022

The John Robinson-built , ex-Mattie McNamara Ford Escort RS2000 

BUILT : Winter 1976/77 by John Robinson Racing Services of Northampton

CLASSIFICATION : 2500cc class Super Saloon

ENGINE : tbc 

RACED BY : Mattie McNamara ( 1978 ) ,Finton Newport ( 1979-80+ )

CURRENTLY : now in Belfast, the current owner of 20 years informed me it's in 'a thousand bits' awaiting a new cage as part of its full restoration ( 2020 ). Let`s hope it returns to the tracks. 

NOTES : A second, rare surviving Robinson chassis Ford and has spent its life in Ireland. First owner was the well known Irish racer Mattie McNamara 'The space frame Mk.2 was commissioned from John Robinson, on a visit to his premises, not a cancelled order as suggested, the MK1 was traded in against it, Mk.2 sold to Fintan Newport at the end of 78, Fintan raced it for a few years, before selling it to the man who still has it today,' posted on Tentenths in 2008. Additional social media post added the owners between Newport ( from Sligo ) and the current owner were Tommy Speers and Frankie McCarthy both from Armagh . Car believed to be chassis 3. Photo from youtube of Aug 1980 with Newport prior to losing the bonnet at a race at Phoenix Park, Dublin. 

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