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Ford Consul V8

'The Martin Reynolds Ford Consul V8' 

BUILT :  2021/22 by Martin Reynolds using a 1962 donor

CLASSIFICATION : retro-built Super Saloon

ENGINE : Ford Windsor V8 cylinder 5700cc

RACED BY : Martin Reynolds 

CURRENTLY : alive and well in Norfolk

NOTES : Fabulous retro-build car for the 2022 CSCC Special Saloons season that broke cover at the club`s Donington track day in February 2022. Built in Norfolk by Ford racer/enthusiast Martin Reynolds and his team who were credited in the Autosport news article ( see gallery ).

It`s made up of 3 key ingredients. A rare 1962 Ford Consul Capri, fitted to a steel girder chassis built by the team years earlier for a Healey replica. Then after months of fabrication a 600 bhp Ford Windsor V8 was shoehorned in. The car was weighed at Donington at 1350 kgs with driver. It`s due to debut at Thruxton April 24th in the CSCC series.

Zakspeed Ford replica

'Paul`s road-legal Zakspeed Capri replica' 

BUILT : around 2011 by Paul Thorpe using a Capri Mk.3 Laser 

CLASSIFICATION : road going tribute car

ENGINE : Ford Zetec 2.1 turbo  

CURRENTLY : alive and well in the North Midlands

NOTES : Inspired by the Klaus Ludwig 1981 Zakspeed group 5 car Ford-mad Paul Thorpe took the plunge and converted his mark 3 Capri Laser 2.0 into this head turning homage car. Described as a 'tribute' car whereas Ric Wood would build you an exact racing replica, this is a fun car. Its appeared at the NEC Classic Motor Show 3 times and many other shows and events this last 10 years. It took Paul 3 years to convert and well if I had a Capri and the knowhow I`d probably do a similar thing ! The engine has been swapped for a Zetec turbo charged to 340 bhp. Paul`s created a wonderful machine and credit to him. Look out for it at a show in 2022.

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