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As part of the team that promotes the unique CSCC ( Classic Sports Car Club ) 'Special Saloons and Modsports' series in UK Club motorsport ive had a ringside seat in enjoying some of the most evocative modified racing saloons from the golden age of the `70's and `80's as they return to the tracks.
Most rewarding has been inviting owners of such legenadary cars like 'Baby Bertha', 'Mega Bertha' , the Hazelwood-Daf V8, Mick Hill-Beetle V8 and John Pope Special to events for photo shoots. This hopefully qualifies me to produce this register where the aim is to answer 2 questions :
Definitions :

What is meant by the term 'special' saloons ? The term special saloons first appeared at the end of the 1960's as a way to distinguish the many saloons racing in UK club events from those saloons that conformed to the RAC's strict rules for the British Saloon Car Championship. That Championship ran Group 2 spec ( 1960s ) and then Group 4 spec ( 1970-73 ) cars that used homologated ( approved ) mechanical parts, tire widths, bodywork etc. 

Saloons that didn't meet these regulations became increasingly known as 'special' . It didn't need much to be outside of the RAC`s rulebook.  A different carburetor, wider wheels, drilled holes in the bodywork, different suspension parts etc. As the '70s wore on these 'special' saloons really took off in popularity appealling to both fans and their creators wishing to push the boundaries of what saloons could be turned into. The pinnacle of this thinking was the 'Super Saloons' of the mid-1970's where some of the wilder creations had Formula 1, Formula F5000 or Can-Am engines and suspension parts. 
The term stuck and is still used today in the unique race series run by the Classic Sports Car Club ( CSCC ) for 'Special Saloons and Modsports'. Further descriptions related to these cars are 'Thundersaloons' which was the popular championship run by the BRSCC from 1985 to 1995 , 'Silhouettes' which are spaceframed chassis' with saloon/coupe bodywork , 'Donington GT' which were anything goes Saloons/GTs mixed together as pioneered at the famous midlands circuit during the 1980's
Why 'Historic' in the description ? The register will follow the guidlines used by the CSCC for their 'Special Saloons' series that has a cut-off for cars used in period to the end of 1993. The series also accepts retro-built cars but it is effectively a historic series.
Eligibility : 
There are many cars that could be included in this register including road-going tribute cars and non-running old 'barn finds' so it should make for an interesting mixture. It's the car itself that is on the Register with the owner only associated with it after permission has been granted due to modern day privacy guidlines. No owners details are kept on this website or on my computer and the locations of the cars will be protected from unwanted attention other than in advance of race meets or shows. 
If you believe your car should be part of this register or you'd like my help in getting certain cars to appear at events via invites to the owners I'm happy to consider it and I can be contacted via e-mail on the 'contact' page .
Photographs :
Most photographs used on this website were taken by myself ( Dave Smith ) and can be used freely, though a photo credit is appreciated. 
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